Canadian Living June 2012 - You Asked

My husband attended two yoga classes with me, but he wasn’t keen on being the only guy in the class. He also says the moves and methods didn’t quite work for him. Is there a form of yoga that is more geared to men?

“There are yoga practices that speak to men a little more than other forms, even some that include moves that specifically benefit the prostate,” says Marlene Mawhinney, who teaches at the Yoga Centre of Toronto.  “I suggest he try Iyengar yoga, which is a precise, systematic method that works on the principle of meditation in action. There’s a structuredness to this type of yoga. I’ve noticed a large number of accountants and engineers in our Iyengar classes, people who often think in a structured way and who prefer the logical flow and specific steps.”

Practitioners concentrate on the asanas (postures) that can improve mobility, stability, strength and alignment. Iyengar yoga uses props (chairs, blocks, blankets and straps) to deepen poses or to help correct alignment. “This is particularly helpful for men who do other strength-based sports and are stiff,” adds Mawhinney. To find an Iyengar yoga studio, visit

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